Our Movement

We BELIEVE in your potential for
if you can reverse free radical damage
with Negative Ion Antioxidants

Your body is like a battery that needs
to be recharged regularly.

When you maintain a healthy electrical balance in your cells, 
you can minimize free radicals

Fully Charged
(like your phone at 100%)

  • ​Body systems (Apps) work well together and separately
  • ​Neural communications work without glitches (networks)
  • ​Keep infections in check (anti-virus software)
  • ​Minimize foggy brain with quick memory recall (quick search)
  • ​Cells rebuild faster from injury or sickness (updated IOS)

Low Charge
(like your phone dying at <10%)

  • ​Low energy with restless sleep
  • ​Faster aging with low antioxidants 
  • ​Slower recovery from injury/illness
  • ​Chronic aches and pains that never seem to go away
  • ​Greater risk for serious long term illnesses

Our mission, as a long time distributor
is to EMPOWER you to better health
with Nefful's Antioxidant Products for 
Longevity and Well-Being

By using fabrics that fight inflammation and aging, we help you look and feel your best.

By providing durable and timeless products, we help you reduce waste and invest in your future.

Be a part of the transformation towards a healthier future today!

Nefful's 50th anniversary celebration with its management team and leading distributors

About Nefful, Our Supplier


  • Founded in 1973 and financially stable for 51 years
  • Members/Distributors: over 800,000 worldwide
  • Offices: Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and USA
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)​, ethnically promoting products to its standards


  • Exclusivity: Only direct selling company marketing Neoron, high tech negative ion fiber, produced by Teiken Limited, a 100 year old company 
  • ​Quality clothing & bedding products produced only in Japan
  • Beneficial negative ions generated by Neoron and fabrics woven into clothing and bedding improves health and well-being





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