Membership Benefits

If YOU believe in your own potential for
great health and longevity
by reversing free radical damage with antioxidants

Membership will make economic sense for you.

I just want to use the products

  • Lifetime membership with no annual renewal fees
  • ​Buying a durable product that will keep on giving its benefits (as long as the unique fiber is not damaged) for many years
  • ​Enjoy membership pricing and monthly promotions
  • Accumulate points that get you rebates in the form of bonus payouts 
  • ​Most of all: Enjoy the benefit of your antioxdiant enriched body with great health by slowing down aging, and do all the things you love before and during your retirement years. 

I am open to earning a side income

  • ​Same benefits on the left as a user of the products, PLUS
  • ​Get rewarded for different levels of bonuses by sharing about the products with others​
  • ​Support from the largest team in Nefful's distributor base
  • ​Resources (training and support) to get you started
  • ​Learn and apply at your own pace
  • ​​Membership never expires which means you can pick it up whenever you left off based on your season of life
  • ​Perfect for adding a second income stream before and during retirement years to minimize longevity risk of running out of money. 

If you have arrived here and someone else shared about the products/opporunity with you, 
​please get back to that person if you would like them to be your sponsor guiding you in your journey.
​Otherwise, we would be honored to be your sponsor (Negative Ion Clothing LLC 410865)

Not interested in membership?
You can be our retail customer!​

  • Order directly with Nefful USA: Call them at 626-839-6657 and give them our Distributor ID 410865 to make purchases
  • Make an appointment with us for product questions and recommendations​
  • Purchase custom products: Shop for custom made (altered from original products for customer convenience)

What is included in Membership Kit?

Costs of Lifetime Membership:
$50 (plus taxes and shipping)

Membership Kit includes:

Membership Kit

  • ​Portfolio laptop bag (15"x11"x1.5")
  • ​Sample blanket square and bedsheet square  (12"x12")​
  • ​Catalog (current year)
  • ​Business Manual 
  • ​Test cloth (see video demo on difference between Neoron and cotton)
  • ​Pen with Nefful logo  





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