Frequently Asked Questions

About Negative Ions 

1. What is a negative ion?

Negative ion is an atom with an extra electron which causes it to be negatively charged.
In a simpler terms, nature such as forest, beaches, or waterfalls is filled with negative ions.
Negative ions are antioxidants and can provide all the benefits of antioxidants to combat
free radicals in the body.

2. What are the benefits of negative ions?

The benefits of negative ions include improved mood, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Negative ions are believed to help reduce stress, increase energy levels, and improve air quality by neutralizing pollutants and allergens. Additionally, negative ions may enhance the body's immune system and promote better sleep.

Most importantly, it serves as an antioxidant to neutralize damaging effects of free radicals needing
electron to get to a state a balance without destroying atoms and molecules in healthy cells.

About Products

1. What is a negative ion clothing and what makes it unique?

Negative ion clothing are clothes and bedding products made with a special fiber called Neoron
that has the unique ability to generate negative ions through friction with the skin or other materials.

2. What is Neoron, the negative ion fiber, made of?

Neoron's raw material is petroleum so it is a synthetic fiber made through a proprietary 
technology patented by Teiken Limited, the subsidiary of Teijin, an industrial conglomerate that has
been in business for over 100 years in Japan. Teiken Limited specializes in manufacturing and sale
of products for healthcare, amenities, disaster prevention, and safety.

Neoron is a unique negative ion fiber produced by Teiken Limited exclusively for Nefful International.

The production cycle, from raw materials to finished product, is at least 120 days (4 months),
and all products are only produced in Japan.

3. Is it safe to use Neoron products?

Yes! Independent lab tests have been conducted on Neoron and proven safe for humans (0-100 years old) and pets.
Along with its predecessor, Teviron, negative ion fibers by Teiken Limited has been around for over 60 years
providing benefits to millions of people in its long history.

4. What other benefits does Neoron provides besides negative ions?

Great question!

Neoron has the following four features that provides health, comfort, and safety
1. Excellent heat insulation - tested to be 2x warmer than wool and 3x warmer than cotton (using equal weight of tested materials)
2. Superior water permeability - zero liquid absorption properly wicks moisture away from the body

3. Safety - recognized as a fire retardant product

4. Health - generates negative ions that provides health benefits

5. Does the negative ions generated by Neoron ever expires?

The answer is no with the assumption that the fiber is properly cared for. Because it is every single strand 
of Neoron fiber that generates negative ions, as long as the fiber is washed properly and not damaged,
it can ALWAYS generate negative ions.

Unlike other negative ion clothing products on the market, it is the fiber itself that generates negative ions
and not an external material such as tourmaline embedded into the fiber.

6. How do you care of Neoron negative ion clothing and bedding?

Please visit our Customer section on how to properly care for the products so they will last
years as they take care of you!

About Custom Products

1. What are custom products?

Custom products are products made, for the convenience of our customers, from an existing Neoron product. 
Often, the re-designed products are made with the most powerful product in the entire product line up, the 
bedding products. 

We GUARANTEE the authenticity of every single piece of our re-designed products. If you purchased our 
custom products and have questions or issues, please contact us directly and DO NOT try to return to Nefful.

2. How is the bedding product the most powerful?

Just like when you look at thread counts of regular bedding products, it is similar when looking at the Neoron
bedding products. It has the highest density of Neoron fibers per square inch of all Nefful products.

With each fiber able to generate a certain amount of negative ions, the density in bedding products, therefore,
generates the highest potential of negativ ions. Please see the Nefful product page for more details.​

About Membership with Nefful

1. Why do I need to be a member to buy Nefful products?

Neoron products are truly unique and requires understanding to use it effectively. Without dedicated distributors
to provide before and after purchase support, customer success can be hindered. 

Because there is no distinction between members who choose to buy (and enjoy rebates) and distributor who gets
rewarded by sharing their story and knowledge with others, everyone who would like to buy the products need
to go through a member/distributor.

2. Can I purchase the products without becoming a member?

Yes! You can purchase products through a distributor if they agree to allowing you to use their account. In other
words, you would become the distributor's retail customer.

If you would like to do so, we would be honored to have you as our retail customer and
provide you with proper before and after purchase support.

You can order directly with Nefful USA at 626-839-6927 and provide our Distributor ID 410865 to make purchases.





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