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Joyful at Every Moment

But I wasn't always like this

How it all started

Before 2009

Allergy, migraine, vertigo, and dry eyes have bothered Christina for years since she immigrated to the US from Laos in 1980. During hay fever season and dry winter months, congestions and runny nose are often frusting. A friend knew of her dilemma and suggested that she tried negative ion clothing and bedding. 


Two pieces of blanket samples (12" squares) started her quest to understand the unique fiber they are woven from. By placing a blanket square on top of her head (where the Baihui acupuncture point to treat dizziness is, she later learned), her vertigo spell went away in 10 minutes! The second piece was able to relieve her sister in law's frustrating knee pains after 3 days.  


Christina with her young daughter and Nefful CEO


All of her chronic health issues gradually got better. Any new physical issues such as sore legs from fatigue can also be quickly addressed with her clothing and bedding products. 

She also made a career shift in order to better care for her husband and young daughters as she build a part time, flexible business around the products she has grown to love.


Christina with her multiple awards

She reached the highest permanent rank of AGM, Area General Manager, and agrees to work only with Nefful International in the Direct Selling industry which has many amazing products and companies. A strong belief in the product you use and promote underpins this industry. 

She is more than happy to continue to share Nefful products and business to those open minded to a 50 year old company's philosophy of a steady and stable approach to business that looks after its base of customers and distributors that are its most valuable asset.  

​A unique, proven product that truly changes lives for the better is what Christina sees in its potential to transform more lives.

Hence, she sees it as a mission to dedicate her time to seek ways to bridge science and wearables so more people
will appreciate and embrace this viable solution to their health.


She is a speaker, a coach, a business owner, and a meditation instructor dedicating her time and efforts to empower others to reclaim their health and live a fulfilling life.

With her previous background in accounting and finance (CPA/MBA), she maintains her goal to pursue a life free of financial worries so she can live a fulfilling life helping others live a long life and evolve spiritually. 

She is an avid reader of financial news to stay current on the financial market trends, particularly retirement planning to minimize longevity risk of outliving our financial means when we live longer.

She is also currently pursuing a PhD in Natural Medicine with a focus on understanding traditional means of healing through the lens of quantum physics. 

You can learn more about her coaching service, at her personal website, ChristinaLeo.com as she shares her thoughts about finance and spirituality as she documents her learning of integrative approach to health along the way. 

To help others evolve spiritually, she also dedicates her time volunteering to manage the Irvine Chapter of the nonprofit, Heart Chan/Zen Meditation. She also teaches fundamentals of meditation weekly class at the center. You can learn more about meditation at the Irvine Meditation Center's website.

Christina in Thailand (January 2024) on company paid award trip

Christina in Singapore (March 2023) for Nefful's 50th Anniversary

A Heart of Gratitude to The Trailblazers
When Others Say "It's Impossible"​

Christina with founders of CSM Team,
Chia Chen Lee and Lung Han Tsao

Christina with top team leaders Sarah
and Yaoming Yang

Christina with her
US Team Leader May Lin

Christina's published speech
when promoted to highest rank with Nefful in 2015

Change, begins with the heart....

"Two roads diverged in the woods. I took the one less traveled, and it has made all the difference. " - Robert Frost

I used to wonder, when I was working as a CPA for a big four accounting firm, why many of the senior partners were so successful financially yet they were miserable and hated their jobs. After getting my MBA from UC Irvine and working as a finance manager, I saw the same thing again. 

​I knew I can be as successful in the long run following their path but the price to pay for that success could be costly.

​When my husband and I decided that we want to be there every step of the way for our young daughters as they grow up. We needed to change from two full time jobs to one and give the other time flexibility. I had never been involved in direct sales but my mind was open when the Nefful product improved my health and others that I shared the product with. 

​I decided to become a student again and studied the products, the industry, as well as sales and marketing skills. Very importantly, I came to Taiwan for training with Chan-Shan-Mei Success Team (literally means Truth-Kindness-Beauty Team). It is then, that I realized, I want to replicate the same success in the United States and help others.

​I have since been able to help many customers and partners improve their quality of life. Nefful prducts married health and apparel into its own unique category which presents a challenge but also a great opportunity for those who see it. 

​I also realized when your heart is in the right place, which is to genuinely touch others and understand their suffering, whether it is physical or financial, that they will connect with you and respond to your solution.

Happiness to me comes from being healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nefful products sets the foundation of physical health and Nefful business encourages me to continue to develop myself mentally. 

The full, unwavering support from my husband and kids help me stay emotionally balanced. Last but not least, my deep Chan/Zen meditation practice guides me spiritually through this life journey to contribute to mankind and be enlightened in this life. 

I am truly thankful to May Lin AGM, who opened the door for me to see a world of possibilities. I am also thankful to International Chief Honorary Consultants, Chia Chen Lee and Lung Han Tsao, and Honorary Consultants Yaoming and Sarah Yang, for their never ending support of the growth of CSM Team in the United States. Most importantly, I deeply appreciate my family and all my customers and partners for their support. 

Our efforts in the United States is like building a railroad track for new members to run on so that they can replicate the success of their leaders. I look forward to realizing that vision in the very near future. Thank you!





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