Combat Aging and Inflammation
with Antioxidant
Clothing and Bedding

Harness the Power of Negative Ions,
​Inspired by Mother Nature


Seeing signs of aging on your 
​skin and hair

Many sleepless nights

Inflamed knees or other joint pain is slowing you down

At risk of cancer due to family history or environmental exposures

Pain on your hands or feet due to neuropathy 

To much stress put you at risk of heart diseases

Free Radicals could be causing these
and other common health issues

It triggers the browning of apples once they are cut open.

It causes wrinkles as we age

  • ​Free radicals are molecules with an uneven number of electrons 
  • ​The ​unpaired electron, like an odd friend who doesn't have a dance partner, will want to grab another electron partner to be balanced
  • ​As it steals from other molecules, it causes damages to the cells
  • ​When free radicals accumulate, it will create oxidative stress, that leads to aging and diseases

Antioxidants to the Rescue!

Fruits and Vegetables

Supplements (Vitamins A,C,E)

  • Antioxidants are molecules with has an extra unpaired electron to give
  • ​When it donates the extra electron to the free radical, it will break the chain reaction that damages cells
  • ​Having enough antioxidants can help neutralize excess free radicals and prevent oxidative stress
  • ​A healthy balance between free radicals and antioxidants are important for overall health

Another Option: An Antioxidant Clothing Fiber


 a "secret" enjoyed by Many for 50+ Years in Asia! 

"I suffered from 17 years of insomnia. Everyday was bleak and gray and my mind was full of negativity without sleep"

After using the negative ion clothing and bedding, I sleep so much better and my mood has improved significantly.  

- H. Ling - Hong Kong

"I had arthritis in my knees. When I used to go to church, I couldn't kneel properly"

Now, I can kneel easily without pain. I bought the underwear, joint supports and bedding. I love to sleep in my blankets, like I am sleeping in a negative ion spa, so restful. 

- Kathleen I. - San Diego, CA

"The constant and severe pain was unbearable and caused insomnia and depression."

I fell because of an uneven ground and injured my neck and shoulder. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, and message for 4 years. I used the whole set of clothing and bedding and slept like a baby. Now my pain has gone away and I am so happy!

- Nancy J. - Yorba Linda, CA

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About Us:

Christina Leo

Hi, I am a former CPA/MBA turned health coach on a mission to empower others to live healthier lives.

I made a profound shift in life's direction 15 years ago when stress from my career led to a growing concern about the health and well- being of myself and my family.

Taking a leap of faith, I embarked on a journey to better health by incorporating antioxidant clothing and bedding into my health regimen along with better nutrition and exercises.

I have been a long time distributor (15 years) of Nefful's unique negative ion clothing and bedding products that provide antioxidant benefits to the body in a simple way without ingesting anything.

I would be honored to earn your trust to guide you on a similar journey to better health. Contact me for a free consultation.

As a speaker, a health coach, a business owner, and meditation instructor with a unique background in finance, my heart centered approach to business has enabled me to educate and coach others to be successful physically, mentally, financially, and most importantly spiritually. Learn more about my journey here.

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